Jaeger 1.5-6х42. The first test of new optics by Yukon


     Everyone has heard, but no one has kept in hands. Before December 2014 this expression perfectly described new optical riflescopes Jaeger produced by Yukon. Presented at autumn exhibition “Fishing and hunting in Russia”, in “hardware” Jaeger appeared only at the end of the year, replacing discontinued Craft line. 

     According to the manufacturer, in total four Jaeger models are supposed to be, each one - with variable magnification. They are 1.5-6х42 (it will be reviewed in details), 3-9х40, 3-12х56 and 1-4х24.  By the time this article was being written there was no Jaeger 1-4х24 both in sales and on Yukon web page so we can make a conclusion that in real sales it will be no earlier than in February.

2015-01 MR Jaeger 1,5-6x42 Article     Jaeger 1.5-6х42. The riflescope was chosen due to its high hunting universal characteristics, as it can be used both for reliable shooting at wide range of distances (the highest magnification allows it) and driven shooting.

     The riflescope makes a light precise image both at maximum, intermediate and maximum magnification. A wide field of view is striking. Magnification is changed by a rotation of a wide ring with a wavy surface. On the whole, Jager’ s ergonomics deserve separate mentioning – everything that must rotate and spin, rotates and spins with a needed force, with a comfortable hold and good tactile sensing so to speak.

     30 mm central tube (no problems with its mounting on different types of weapons), turrets of vertical and horizontal adjustments are on top and to the right, a wheel of reticle brightness adjustment is to the left. Jaeger 1.5-6х42 presents hunting optics of classical layout. The objective lens and the eyepiece are covered by hard plastic caps, connected by rubber straps with each other. What I liked – the strap resists stretching – it is hard to throw this cap off. 

     The weight of the riflescope is 590 grams. There are lighter devices in this class – the weight of worth mentioning analogs comprises 540-560 grams. The manufacturer explains it by the fact that it is developed with the possibility of mounting on their objective lenses night vision and thermal clip on systems, which become more and more popular. I didn’t try to mount an attachment, but the exterior of Jaeger 1.5-6х42 makes an impression of extremely reliable and durable device. According to the manual, shock-proofness, interpreted by muzzle energy (7000 joules), allows to use the riflescope with rifles with really tough cartridges, up to 375 or 9.3x64. There’s no doubt in shooting with 30-06 cartridge (briefly - in the end of the article), which took place during this review. 

     The riflescope turrets  and a battery compartment are closed by metal threaded covers with rubber  rings. These rings protect the mentioned units from water and dust. Inert gas filling of inner optical parts (As for Jaeger 1.5-6x42, it is dry nitrogen) became a compulsory characteristic of a field optical device long ago.

2015-01 MR Jaeger 1,5-6x42 Article

     Let’s dwell on zeroing. The value of a click of adjustments turret (both vertical and horizontal) is ¼ МОА, which approximately corresponds to  7 mm at 100 meter distance. A click is well-defined and sensed. A very useful peculiarity is that after reticle zeroing the values of zeroing can also be set to zero.  You need to raise the wheel, bringing blank running about, then converge zero value of the turret (arrow mark) and zero mark at the turret’s base. One turn of the adjustments turret comprises 12 MOA, and a full stroke – more than 140 MOA (nearly 12 full rotations), or more than 1 meter at 100 meter distance.

     From adjustments it’s reasonable to go over the reticle itself. The reticle is located in the rear focal plane (the so-called “American” scheme) of the optical riflescope scheme. It’s hardly worthwhile describing all the peculiarities of such location; it’s enough to tell that the reticle keeps its initial size unchanged in all the range of magnification (it’s not increased with magnification increase).

2015-01 MR Jaeger 1,5-6x42 Article

     The reticle of the examined Jaeger is of a T-shape, with the illuminated center (strictly speaking, there are no reticles without illumination in Jaeger line). The brightness of the center is adjusted by the rotation of the left wheel marked with numbers and dots: the numbers show the brightness of illumination, the dot shows that the illumination is off. The point is that the illumination can be switched off any time by the minimum wheel rotation and similarly can be quickly switched on at the previous or adjacent brightness position.  I think that everyone had an experience when minimum movements and time saved the hunting.  There is also a brightness mode “NV” – the glow is hardly visible. This mode can be reasonably used in twilight or if there is a night vision device mounted on the eyepiece of the riflescope.

2015-01 MR Jaeger 1,5-6x42 Article

     The illumination is activated by a 3-V battery of CR2354 type (a rather high tablet). While making pictures of the riflescope I dropped the battery in snow. The situation was saved by a thinner CR2032 battery, and the illumination worked quite well, but I had to unbend the connections.

     And some words about shooting. The aim of a shooting test was to check if the mechanism of adjustments  worked correctly. The riflescope was mounted on CZ-550 carbine, .30-06. Geco Target cartridge with 11-grams (170 grain) bullet was used.  I can’t say anything bad - the mechanisms of the riflescope ran like clockwork.

     Due to the claimed characteristics, Jaeger 1.5-6х42 will be a serious competitor for the riflescopes under well-known brands. And on the whole the potential of Jaeger line to become successful is high. A balanced model range, expected off the scale shock proofness and general operational reliability, that is a characteristic of Yukon riflescopes, well selected reticles with illumination…There are all the conditions for this. Time will show.

Vitaliy Hen

2015-01 MR Jaeger 1,5-6x42 Article

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