Jaeger 3-9x40. A new optical sight from Yukon.


     In 2010 Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide company entered the market with new sights Craft. The most suitable for Russian market were three models – a sight with fixed magnification 4x32 and with variable magnification – 3-12x56 and 1.5-6x42.

     As a user of the model 1.5-6x42 with three years of experience I would characterize Craft as “ultrareliable”. Being in the middle of the market offer when a row of parameters is considered (first of all file of view and weight) Craft leaves in the dust many of its distinguished fellows if service durability in all of it manifestations is taken into account. For instance – shock resistance on a high-caliber hunting weapons and spring-piston pneumatics, waterproofness, resistance to temperature difference and to all kinds of rough handling in general…

     These moments, plus aiming mark with illumination and reliable mechanism of correction adjustments with a 1/4MOA click value allowed speaking about Craft as of the most efficient hunting sight in the price niche below 10000 rubles.

     This autumn Yukon company has unexpectedly announced about the end of Craft production and its substitution by a new model range of the daylight optics – Jaeger. The new line has four basic models, including 1.5-6x42. 3-12x56 (these dimension types were in the old line as well), 1-4x24, 3-9x40, also it has modifications of aiming marks.

     Comparing Jaeger and Craft “on paper”, we can state such advantages of the new line as a long-awaited alternative in the choice of  aiming marks, more reasonable model range, wide field of view, perfected mechanism of correction adjustments with the same vitality.

     But what is in practice?
     A model Jaeger 3-9x40 has been chosen for test - a sight which is good for shooting in any light conditions including twilight, at targets of diverse size at diverse distances. At a large scale that model is good for all types of hunting except driven hunt.

2014_12_Safari_Jaeger_Art_int1_image.jpg     The sight looks in the classical way. There are features in lens design, eyepiece, turrets covers which definitely mark out the Jaeger product line. The diameter of a tube is 30mm. The body is aluminum; a protective coating is performed by a method of a hard anodic oxidation. That ensures a high wear-&-tear properties (anox layer is connected with a surface of the body on molecular level) during a long operation time, a high appearance esthetics, resistance to thermal impact, protection from influence of aggressive environment.

They refused to use separate lens and eyepiece protective covers as in Crafts. A system, usual for daylight optics, has been applied in Jaeger, when front and back covers linked with each other by a small strap are put on simultaneously. 

     The sight is sealed hermetically and is purged by a drained nitrogen of a high purity. The sealing implies that Jaeger can be used in heavy rain conditions without fear. During the test a sight has been lying in the bowl of water for 30 minutes without any effects. There was no wet, neither inside of the body nor under the turret covers and battery case (they are protected by rubber dams), so Jaeger for sure will pass regular service conditions. Thanks to the nitrogen filling the sight doesn’t weep from within during sharp temperature changes (that is supposed to be checked with the true cold coming).

     The manufacturer states the possibility of the sight to be set on the weapon with a bullet of 7000J muzzle energy, as well as on smooth-bore weapons and pneumatics. Besides that, the body of Jaeger sight is constructed in the way that allows setting night and thermal front attachments on the lens, which become very popular in hunting environment. 

     Having left the extreme tests for later (a bullet of .308Win caliber is far from 7000J on the muzzle end), this time we have made several tests of a click accuracy and repeatability while processing it through the square. One rotation of the vertical and horizontal adjustments turret is 40 clicks (or 10MOA), a value of one click is 1/4MOA. The shooting was performed on the Weatherby Mark V Accumark carbine at the target at 100m distance.

     The result has showed that mechanics of the sight is good. It is worth noticing that the design of turrets provides the possibility to “set to zero” adjustment values fast with just one click after  zeroing.

2014_12_Safari_Jaeger_Art_int2_image.jpg     Visible through the sight image on the entire range of magnification leaves a good impression. The absence of a tunnel effect  should be noticed. Rubber maginification ring looks and works in a solid way - magnification changes smoothly, softly, with optimal force application (not weak but not excessive).

     I think engineers of Yukon have been working hard over the eyepiece part – the sight provides a worthy field of view and the image is caught by an eye well during fast arms shouldering.

     Jaeger model 3-9x40 has four modifications of aiming mark: X01i, T01i, X02i, M01. The developer applies his own reticle codification, but those signs do not say much.

     My Jaeger had X02i mark. I won’t describe it in details, I will say only that that mark gives an opportunity to make adjustments for aiming in accordance with bullet type and distance; allows taking into account the cross wind and measuring the distance to target.

     The aiming marks are located at the rear focal plane and they do not change  size during magnification change. The central point of the reticle is illuminated and the brightness of illumination can be adjusted. The brightness adjustment is performed by rotation of the side wheel. There are positions between neighbor values of the side wheel where the mark can be switched off – you can switch off the illumination fast and get back to a desirable brightness position fast as well. The NV mode (dim, hardly visible glow) allows using the sight with a Night Vision Scope placed behind the eyepiece. The illuminations works with battery CR2354 (3B).

     From the moment I have unpacked the sight and till the moment I have started to write the article only seven days has gone. It is not much time to estimate the shoot, mechanics work, but it is quiet enough to make a first impression, which is the soundest as a rule.

     The update or substitution of a model range usually supposes the improvement of specified features of the device. Talking about Jaeger, we can see that it possesses all off-road features of a forerunner and also that Yukon engineers interpreted the feedback from the customers appropriately and took it into account during the new optical sights line development.

Alexander Boyko


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