The spotting scope Yukon 6-100x100


     Many years ago on the shooting range in the suburbs of Bern I was a witness to the following scene. It was cloudy and the rain was drizzling. An elderly gentleman was sitting under the shed. From time to time he rattled with his Heym 300 Win.Mag. After that, without rush and with dignity he was puffing a cigar which had gone out, ashing it thoroughly into the ashtray, and only after that, he was leaning unto an eyepiece of a strong spotting scope. Then without rush he was putting the cigar on the rim of the ashtray, taking the next round from an old rusty tin box, loading the gun and aiming slowly. This was repeating again and again with grand accuracy. More than an hour this gentleman spent on a shooting range, then he picked up all scattered cartridges, put a leather case on the end of a barrel, bagged the scope and moved to his auto…

     I try to use any possibility “to warm each of my rifles” from time to time. In summer, during off-season time, I certainly take an airgun rifle. Now I use Air Arms with air pre-charging. Rifle of fantastic accuracy, so 200-300 shots in two days affect the results remarkably. Usually I put a target at 35m distance, and shooting away a magazine after a magazine I put pellets into that flimsy piece of paper. I start to shoot from the bench rest to zero the scope, after that I shoot standing, on the knee and on the shooting rest. I experiment diverse positions, different tricky outlandish belts and shooting rests. Something I have created by myself, something I refused, having tried once. I’ve conducted a little but very significant for me personally research in aiming with glasses of diverse dioptric power  and glass color, and I’ve found optimal ones (seems to me now). I try to raise techniques of rifle holding to an automatic level. 

     What does all that was written above have in common? In circumstances of large number of shots the spotting scope bails out always. My loyal companion for already several past years – Yukon 6-100x100. Shooting 200 pellets out of an airgun rifle is not just an emotional stress but physical as well. The mere count of steps to the target and back (200х(35х2)=14000=14km) leaves no doubt in spotting scope’s necessity otherwise, you’d more likely become a marathoner than a rifleman.

     This spring in period of short hunting season in my favorite places a strong and gusty wind was blowing for several days, boating with oars appeared to be rather problematic, the boat was being cast up the shore as well as all flying creatures. Getting no pleasure of such hunt, I accepted the element and with the help of a spotting scope began to explore diverse birds salvaging near the shore. That pastime fascinated me so much that I didn’t even take a gun  during all those days. Observing  waterfowls forced to behave more like house fowls when mastering local water pool I got persuaded more and more in the rightness of spring hunting ban in other countries. Life is life. 

     When things take place on the shooting range, where they shoot from large caliber rifles and several gunners can shoot simultaneously at distance of up to 300m a quality spotting scope is particularly necessary.

So, Yukon

     The spotting scope Yukon 6-100x100 is designed for the purposes of stationary observation of flora and fauna fans on the open grounds and for the observation, including professional, in urban conditions and for astronomic purposes. The scope Yukon 100x is an optic device which has completely new unique optical specifications. For the first time it reached the ability to provide a gradual magnification change from 6x to 100x. Switching from the additional channel to the main and back is realized by a simple turn of a handle.  The spotting scope can be set on tripods with 1/4" and 3/8" mounts, a table tripod can be included into a delivery set. The important feature is the ability of taking photos through the spotting scope with the help of an optical photo adapter for digital cameras. A special video attachment can help you display data on the monitor, if it is necessary – to make a videorecording, and will provide you a better comfort during long-lasting observations. All these features let you  use the spotting scope broadly in the spheres of amateur and professional activity. 

     The scope is completed with a case which prevents the body and optics from damage and is constructed in such a way that the scope can be used even without taking it out of the case. How to adjust the scope, how to get a clear image? Let start with 100m distance.

     1. The scope should be mounted on the tripod (other methods of holding I don’t know), the tripod must be quite strong to provide stable position of solid and quite heavy scope (scope + case weight 1.84kg).
     2. Using a handwheel adjust the image magnification to 6-25x. Turn the variable power mechanism to adjust the desired magnification.  
     3. Observing the object focus the image by turning the eyepiece. Using the mechanisms of tripod place the image in the center of scope’s field of view.
     4. Bring the magnification handwheel to position 25-100. 
     5. At 100m distance (ordinary shooting distance) it is impossible to achieve the sharp image using 100x magnification even after having adjusted the eyepiece to extreme rear position. In this case using the handwheel gradualy lower the image magnification until  absolute sharpness of the image is achieved. Usually the absolute sharpness is achieved at 75x magnification. This magnification allows viewing the target in the smallest details at 100m distance. 
     6. At 150m distance and more you can already use the complete 100x power of the scope.

About precautions and wish words to the developers.
     1. It would be great if the scope had a handle on the body to direct the scope during observation.
     2. It would be great if the scope had a set of light camouflage cases, including white ones. The white one could not only camouflage the scope in winter time but could prevent the scope overheating under the sun in hot days.

     In conclusion, I can say that in consideration of price/quality balance, this scope is a good purchase.
Alexander Vasilyev

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