Distributor Conference 2016


Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide usually carries out Distributors’ Conference every 3 years. This year the Conference was visited by 39 distributors who presented 24 companies from 20 countries. This year the event was the most numerous and had a large-scale.

Foreign Enterprise Beltex Optic was the first place to attend by the visitors. This is the largest enterprise in the Group. Distributors had an excursion in the departments of injection-molding machines, metal-working manufacturing, painting, surface-mount manufacturing, optics, electrical installation, etc.

During the Conference a testing of night-vision devices was organised. Testing was held in hard conditions of night hunting.

In conclusion, we would like to show some of the comments on the distributors about the Conference.

I would like to thank you for the fantastic organisation of the Distributor Conference, where I was a very glad participant.
I enjoyed having the opportunity to better know your company and some more of the people in the background whose contribution is important for the end result, which is delivering great products to our customers.
Already looking forward to an exciting 2017 with its new products from Yukon Advanced Optics,

Best regards,

Rui Pereira, Cacicambra S. A., Portugal

I really must express my gratitude to you for the wonderful distributor conference held in Belarus & Lithuania recently.
Having attended all 5 conferences over the years it’s incredible to me that they just keep getting better & better.
Your hospitality was just amazing.
Please pass on my sincere appreciation to everyone in your very talented team that helped to make it all possible,

Martin Gosbell & Lee Adams, Thomas Jacks Limited, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure to meet you in the conference, hope you enjoyed it as we did, despite you had to work a lot there. Anyway we had great time there. Have to admit that I was intrigued by new-product presentations of Yukon Advanced Optics, I think that year 2017 will bring us a lot of interesting new nigh-level NV products. Can’t wait!

Barla-Szabo & Arpad Weigl, Beo-pa Kft., Hungary

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