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There are 4 models in the range:
All are available with four types of reticles:
X01i - standard cross shaped; T01i reticle - standard T-shaped, M01 - Mil dot and X02i- T-shaped with range marks.

Jaeger riflescopes have a wide field of view on all magnifications without tunnel effect. Each of the lenses has several layers of patented coatings for improved performance in low light conditions.

Turrets can be set to a zero mark after performing zeroing of the riflescope. The click value is 1/4 MOA. The sight has seven levels of reticle illumination. Between every level there is an 'Off' position which helps to deactivate illumination quickly.

The Jaeger series riflescopes are also completely waterproof, while the housing is filled with dry nitrogen to avoid weeping. As a result, these scopes can be used in heavy rain conditions.

Jaeger sights can handle large-calibre ammunition with muzzle energies up to 7,000 joules. In other words, .375 HSH is not the top limit. The construction is rigid and stable and allows them to be used on shotguns, crossbows and spring airguns.

Optical sight Jaeger 1-4x24 -

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Optical sight Jaeger 3-9x40 -

Optical sight Jaeger 3-12x56 -
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