Spotting Scope Yukon 6-100x100 and Parade of Planets


There is an amazing and rare event in the sky of May 2016 – Parade of Planets. We can see Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter that stand in a line. Last time when we could see such phenomenon was in 1910. Spotting Scope Yukon 6-100x100 that is fixed on a stable tripod allows to watch this beautiful event.

Right now in June, in the southern part of the night sky there are the most beautiful planets of our system – Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. By the way, Mars is situated very closely to Earth and can be seen very well as the brightest star of reddishly yellow color. You can make photos of the planets using Yukon 100x Digital Camera Adapter. Your camera should be not very big, so it will be more convenient to adjust the system. It’s better to set the exposure of 10 sec. so you will have time to take away your hands in order to avoid vibrations on the system as the observation is made on high magnification.

The second planet by brightness and the first one by dimensions in Solar System is Jupiter. Now you can find it to the right side from Mars and lower to the horizon line. On Jupiter you can see it’s belts and satellites that now are making one line. And the most beautiful planet in our system is Saturn. This year it turned a bit to Earth so we can watch it’s fantastic rounds.

Also you observe the nearest galaxy which is the nearest to ours - Andromeda Galaxy.


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