Invitation to IWA 2017


Come to us on the 3-6 of March 2017 to check out a large variety of NV and Day devices.

Among all you will find a legendary NV monocular Ranger RT!

✓ Enhanced night time sensitivity
✓ High magnification: 6.5x / 13x
✓ Over 300 m viewing range
✓ Long range IR Illuminator
✓ Wi-Fi remote review and operation using smartphone
✓ Recording and live YouTube streaming
✓ Onboard video/sound recording
✓ Power bank charging
✓ Updatable software
✓ Stream Vision compatible

You will also be able to use Stream Vision Technology in order to see how the device can be connected to your phone or tablet. Share your hunting emotions with your friends and relatives, use it when you have a driven or tower hunt - be active and show it to the world!


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