Photon RT Sales Launch


Yukon Optics Worldwide announces sales launch of Photon RT Riflescopes.
Please contact your local distributor for detailed sales information.

Using the free, high-tech, iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app, the Photon RT connects via Wi-Fi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time, stream footage to YouTube and other online video platforms (depending on model), and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control.

Here are main features of Photon RT:

✔ High nighttime sensitivity

✔ High magnification

✔ Shock resistant for heavy calibers: 12 gauge,

✔ 9.3x64, .375H&H

✔ Smart operation

✔ Mounting on weapon with standard 30 mm rings

✔ Integration with iOS and Android devices

✔ Remote review and operation using smartphone

✔ Integrated video recorder

✔ Moisture protected (IPX5)

✔ User selectable reticles: 6 shapes, 3 colors

✔ Quick-change power supply

✔ Recording and live YouTube streaming

✔ Daytime operation possible

✔ Software Evolution Support


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