IWA 2019 Report


Yukon Brand presented new NV Riflescopes Sightline, also please find a review of new products from all4shooters.com below:

"A wave of innovations is showcased at IWA by Pulsar. First of all, both lines of new Thermal Imaging optics introduced at the SHOT Show, the groundbreaking Thermion line of riflescopes and the impressive Axion XM monoculars are finally displayed in Europe, both lines soon to be available on the market.

The Lithuanian company also presented two digital and night vision riflescopes, the powerful Digisight Ultra and the cheaper Sightline models, and the line of thermal imaging devices has been updated.

Remember that in some countries, such as Germany, night vision and thermal imaging devices can be legally bought and owned only with a special license."

The whole article can be found here .

That was a nice time spent at IWA and we're glad to show you some photos made by our official dealer PULSAR.GURU | RIKA at the exhibition. Have a look!
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