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sku #22052Futurus Pro 10x50WA
Futurus Pro 10x50WA

  • Range-measuring scale

  • Optimal magnification and light transmission

  • Flip-up lens caps

  • Effective in twilight

  • Water-resistant body

  • Ten years guarantee
More details:
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Type of Optical System Porro
    Magnification, x 10
    Lens diameter, mm 50
    Field of View, degree 6
    Eye Relief, mm 16
    Exit Pupil, mm 5
    Diopter adjustment, dptr. ±5
    Minimum focusing distance, m 10
    Operating Temperature, °C -15 ... +40
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX4
    Tripod Mount, inch ¼
    Weight, kg 1
    • Futurus Pro binoculars. Stereoscopic image
      Futurus Pro binoculars. Stereoscopic image

      Based on Porro prism optical scheme, the Yukon Pro binoculars feature compact dimensions. A wide space between optical axes of the right and left optical channels provides better three-dimensionality as compared with binoculars designed on other optical schemes.

    •  Futurus Pro binoculars. Eclipse™ lens caps
      Eclipse™ lens caps

      The Eclipse™ lens caps are incorporated in the Futurus' protective rubber armor body to prevent their loss. The objective lens caps can be thrown back on the binoculars' body, fitting closely on it without disturbing observation. The lens caps rotate for 360 degrees about the optical axis. The cap can be fixed in open position inside of the body between the optical channels.

    •  Futurus Pro binoculars.  Distance-measuring reticle
      Distance-measuring reticle

      Located in the right eyepiece, the range-measuring scale enables you to determine the distance to an object. The range-measuring scale is calibrated to the height of the withers of a wild boar at 0.7 m and the average height of a buck with antlers at 1.75 m. The range-measuring scale is easy to use and can substitute for rangefinder while aiming on medium ranges.

    • Futurus Pro binoculars. Light filters
      Light filters

      The protective filter is for the use in harsh conditions to shield the objective lenses from dirt, sand, dust, fingerprints, water, and scratches. The orange filter permits yellow, orange and red light beams through. The filter will also enhance the quality of the image in poor conditions such as fog, haze, storm, sand storm, etc.

    •  Futurus Pro binoculars. Flip-up eyepiece caps
      Flip-up eyepiece caps

      The eyepiece caps are fixed with help of spring rings. When open, they prevent lateral light exposure. The caps can be removed when adjusting diopters.

    •  Futurus Pro binoculars Water-resistant body
      Water-resistant body

      The Futurus Pro's body is made of shockproof carbon-filled plastic featuring mechanical stability. The binoculars’ body is rubber armored, lightweight and compact and guarantees comfortable grip. Moving parts of the binoculars, joints, lens locations have extra moisture protection. Thanks to the IPX4 degree of protection (IEC 60529 standard), the Futurus Pro binoculars can be operated in atmospheric precipitation.


Pаckage contents

1. Binoculars Futurus Pro 10x50WA
2. Neck strap
3. Carrying case
4. Two sets of light filters *
5. Tripod adapter
6. Warranty card
7. Lens cloth
8. User manual

* - come without light filters #28058NF

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