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Laser Rangefinder
sku #27051Extend LRS-1000
Extend LRS-1000

High precision measurement
Compact dimensions of the symbols
(target indicator, measurement results etc.)
Water-resistant body
Short measuring time
Low power consumption
Automatic power-off
Compact dimensions
Handy shape
Soft-Touch body coating
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Magnification, x 6
    Lens diameter, mm 24
    Field of View, degree 7
    Eye Relief, mm 14
    Exit Pupil, mm 4
    Minimum focusing distance, m 5
    Measurement range, m 1000
    Min. measurement range, m 5
    Accuracy of range measurement, m ±1
    Speed measurement range, km/h 5…100
    Speed measurement accuracy, km/h ±5
    Laser wavelength, nm 905
    Auto power off, seconds 20
    Power supply, V 3
    Weight (without/with battery), kg 0.195
    Battery Type CR2
    Battery Life 3000
    Operating Temperature, °C -10…+45
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX5
    Dimensions, mm 98x75x54
    • Extens LRS-1000

      Soft-Touch body coating ensures grip even in wet hands - the Extend LRS will not slip, operating the rangefinder features pleasant tactile sensations. The ergonomic body design allows the user to not only hold the unit comfortably, but to also keep it leveled correctly.

    • extend_features_controls.jpg

      Comfortable layout of controls, compact dimensions,
      and ergonomic shape of the rangefinder ensure comfortable use.

    • extend_features_optics.jpg

      Increasing light transmission and minimizing loss of light,
      coated optics guarantee image brightness.

    • Information Display

      The Measurement readings, reticle and other information are displayed in the field of view with the help of the LCD display. Graphic, numeric or textual data represented as thin lines are well perceived by the user’s eye without overlapping the object under observation.

    • Laser rangefinder Extend LRS-1000. Lightweight and compact
      Lightweight and compact
      The Extend LRS-1000 is a two channel optical-electronic device for measuring distance, where the visual channel is combined with the impulse laser illuminator. The two channel design provides compact dimensions.


Pаckage contents

  1. Laser rangefinder Extend LRS-1000
  2. Carrying Case
  3. Wrist Strap
  4. CR2 Battery (optional)
  5. User Manual
  6. Warranty Card

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