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NV Riflescope
sku #26018TSentinel 3x60 L
Sentinel 3x60 L
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  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Generation 1
    Magnification, x 3
    Lens diameter, mm 60
    Field of View, degree 11
    Eye Relief, mm 45
    Exit Pupil, mm 6
    Diopter adjustment, dptr. ±2.5
    Resolution, lines per mm 35
    Minimum focusing distance, m 8
    Range of detection, m (object 1,7m high, "quarter moon") 220
    Emitter Laser
    IR Wavelenght, nm 780
    Reticle Type Red/ Green-on-green rangefind reticle
    Windage & Elevation, 1 click, mm / 100m 20
    Mounting brackets on weapon Weaver, Weaver Long, Weaver-Auto, Los, AK Side Mount, Prism 14/200
    Shock Resistance (when used with rifled gun), E0, joules 3700
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX4
    Type of Accessory Mounting Rails 1 * Weaver
    Dimensions, mm 307x90x100
    Weight, kg 1
    • Built-in Laser IR Illuminator
      Built-in Laser IR Illuminator

      As compared to LED diode based IR Illuminators, laser Illuminators feature enhanced efficiency (operating range in similar conditions, quality of light spot) and essentially lower power consumption.

    • Sentinel Distant-Measuring Reticle
      Functional Reticle

      The reticle in the Sentinel riflescope has brightness adjustment and features two scales – a horizontal scale for measuring distance to the object with known width; and a vertical scale, which enables adjustment of the aiming point at a distance of 15,25,50 and 100 m. Reticle colour can be switched from red to green.

    • Sentinel Titanium Body
      Titanium Body

      The Sentinel is remarkable for its modern, light weight and rugged design due to modern plastic and Titanium employed in the riflescope's manufacture. The riflescope can operate under precipitation of any intensity.

    • Sentinel Remote Control
      Remote Control

      The remote control duplicates the “on/off” function of the device and IR illuminator. The third button is intended for a quick start-up of the riflescope and IR illuminator (the device works only when the button is kept pressed). This is very convenient when constant observation is not conducted in order to find the appropriate position, take aim and shoot.

    • Sentinel Protective Lens Cap
      Protective Lens Cap

      Protective lens cap is permanently attached to the body to prevent it being lost and can be slid back down the body when observing or shooting.

    • Sentinel Additional Weaver Rail
      Weaver Rail

      The Weaver rail fixed on the left side of the body is used to accommodate additional accessories (IR flashlight, DSAS, red dot laser).

Pаckage contents

  1. Sentinel Riflescope
  2. Rempote Control
  3. Carrying case
  4. Operating Manual
  5. Warranty card

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