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The technology is based on the use of the image intensifier tube CF-Super/EP33SF-U (with a sphere shaped photocathode) and specially designed optics.



  • Lack of distortion.

    The image does not have distortion at the edge of the field of view which is inherent in low cost NV devices using standard Gen 1 tubes. The image is in focus both in the central and peripheral areas.

  • High resolution.

    The CF-Super tube features, on average, 20% higher resolution than in Gen. 1 units.

  • Constant image quality across the whole field of view.

    CF-Super’s resolution is notable for its consistency (resolution difference between the centre/edge does not exceed 20%, whilst no peripheral focus is possible in Gen. 1 units).

  • Effective field of view – image is in focus across the whole imaging area.

    High resolution and geometric image precision provided by CF-Super based NV devices allows effective observation of an object located in any part of the unit’s field of view. The majority of Gen. 1 devices have decent image quality only in the centre of the imaging area – there is no image focus towards the periphery.

    Pulsar branded night vision devices based on CF-Super technology have “GS” included in their names. Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide has exclusive rights for the use of CF-Super technology – it is only available in Yukon and Pulsar branded products. The development is patent protected.


Most of new Yukon NV devices are equipped with built-in laser IR Illuminators. As compared to IR Illuminators using LED diodes, laser Illuminators are more effective (provide greater viewing range and quality IR spot) and less power-consuming. Laser IR Illuminators generate a round, user-convenient spot in the field of view.

Another important advantage — all IR Illuminators comply with Class 1 laser safety according to standard IEC 60825 (Class 1 includes lasers and laser systems not able to produce radiation level hazardous for the human eye; Class 1 radiation is harmless for the eye even in case of long-time direct observation). It means that Pulsar IR Illuminators can be safely used with optical observation devices.

Design of laser IR Illuminators is patented by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide.


The employment of digital technologies is one of the top priorities for the development of night vision (NV) devices by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide. Our company has huge experience in designing and manufacturing NV devices and a number of patented solutions in this product sector.

As regards to general image quality, digital night vision devices, regardless of their class, are rapidly getting closer to Gen 2+ image intensifier tube based equipment.

However, digital devices possess certain unbeatable advantages and extended functionality which lets them find applications not just in the hunting market, but also in the wildlife observation, law enforcement and security markets.

Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Protection against bright light sources.
    Digital NV devices can be turned on in daylight without the fear of being damaged either immediately or in the long term. They are not damaged by car headlights or street lighting.
  • Long-life performance.
    Average life of a CCD array is 25000 hours, which is up to twice as much as the best image intensifier tubes, and up to 25 times longer than that of standard image intensifier tubes used in traditional ‘budget’ NV devices.
  • Signal reception and transmission
    Digital NV devices are well-suited for image recording with integrated or external recording equipment (via an AV out) and without the need to resort to add-on photo adapters. They are also perfect for image viewing directly on a monitor and feature an external video signal input.
  • Effective use with “invisible” IR Illuminators.

    As opposed to image intensifier tube based devices, digital NV equipment features advanced efficiency when used with IR Illuminators working higher up the near infrared spectrum (more than 900nm), which are generally invisible to the naked eye.

    We are continuously working to improve our digital devices – including, but not limited to, reducing power consumption, increasing sensitivity and extending the working temperature range.
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