Distributor Conference 2013


The official part of the meeting took place in Vazgaikiemis town, in “Harmonizavimo Parkas

Participants of the conference were official distributors from Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.

The program of the distributor conference included seminars on company’s development strategy, marketing activities, product development concepts. Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide announced the new products and technologies for 2014.

During night and day field tests Yukon and Pulsar distributors tested the latest products such as the thermal imager Quantum HD38S, Digital NV riflescope Digisight N750, NV binoculars Edge GS 2.7x50L, Pulsar-X850 IR-Illuminator, digital NV device Recon X850, optical sight Craft Pro etc. Also, prototypes of new thermal and night vision devices were available for testing.

The informal part included a visit to the new office building of Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide in Vilnius, hurdle race in the equestrian centre of «Harmonizavimo Parkas», sports contests among distributors.

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