Photon XT Production


     Scheduled production volume of the Photon XT digital riflescopes has been reached, and Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide manufactures now the full range of the Photon XT riflescopes.

     Day & night digital riflescopes Yukon Photon XT are entering the market as an upgraded replacement of the well-selling Photon 5x42 model. As compared with the Photon 5x42, the Photon XT features crucial improvements which embrace both: advanced components (CMOS sensor, high resolution display, enhanced lens and eyepiece) and new functions.

     Among them – an electronic aiming reticle. The previous model had a fixed shape reticle similar in design to that of a regular optical sight: the reticle needed power from a separate battery; and windage/elevation adjustments were made with regular turrets. The new Photon XT uses an electronic reticle instead of a mechanical one which gives a number of benefits. For example, the user can switch between six preloaded reticle shapes and select one of the reticle colors. Windage/elevation adjustments are electronic too.

     Thanks to the controller wheel and elaborate software, the Photon XT is really easy to use. The riflescopes feature light weight - max. 720 g with installed batteries. Another important advantage of the Photon XT is its ability to be mounted on various types of hunting weapons using standard 30 mm rings.  

Photos used in the news are kindly offered by our distributor companies "Extravision Australia Pty" (Australia) and "Archetype Precision Systems Limited" (New Zealand)


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