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Optical Sight
sku #23027Jaeger 3-9x40
Jaeger 3-9x40

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  • Magnification, x 3 ... 9
    Lens diameter, mm 40
    Field of View, degree 6.7 ... 2.5
    Eye Relief, mm 90
    Exit Pupil, mm 13.5 ... 4.5
    Diopter adjustment, dptr. ±2.5
    Reticle Type X01i, T01i, X02i, M01
    Windage & Elevation, 1 click, mm / 100m 7.25
    Max. windage/elevation adjustment range, clicks 2780 (384)
    Mounting diameter, mm 30
    Shock Resistance (when used with rifled gun), E0, joules 7000
    Power supply, V 3V
    Windage & Elevation, MOA 1/4
    Battery Type 1xCR2354
    Operating Temperature, °C -30 ... +60
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX7
    Nitrogen Purged yes
    Waterproofness yes
    Dimensions, mm Length: 318 mm
    Weight, kg 0.62

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. Waterproof

      The Jaeger sights can be operated in precipitation of any intensity, e.g. heavy shower or snowfall (the unit has IPX7 degree of protection according to the IEC 60529).

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. Nitrogen-purged optical path
      Nitrogen-purged optical path

      Nitrogen-filled optical channel protects inner optical parts and body of the sight against fogging, often caused by rapid temperature change.

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. Reinforced body
      Reinforced body

      Jaeger sights are designed with the possibility of mounting on their objective lenses night vision and thermal clip on systems.

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. High shock resistance
      High shock resistance

      Sights have high shock and vibration resistance. Jaeger of any modification can be installed on large-caliber rifled and smooth bore weapons and can be used with spring-piston air guns.

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. Wide field of view
      Wide field of view

      Taking into account angular field of view Jaeger sights occupy a decent place among similar models represented on the market. Apart from a good visibility design of the eyepiece ensures a quick visual image capture when rifle is raised.

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. Resettable to zero turrets
      Resettable to zero turrets

      Design of elevation and windage turrets allows almost instantaneously with one click reset turrets to zero after the sight was zeroed.

    • Jaeger Optical Sights. Illuminated Reticle
      Illuminated Reticle

      Reticles of Jaeger are situated in the second (rear) focal plane – regardless of selected magnification reticle stays thin and does not cover the target. The center of the reticles is illuminated. Illumination brightness adjustment wheel has intermediary “zero” steps which allows rapid switching off of the illumination as well as return to the previous position of brightness. Intensity of the illumination varies widely, there is a mode for using the sight with attached from the rear night vision device.

  • There are four modifications of the Jaeger 3-9x40 depending on the reticle:

         23027 X01i     Optical sight Jaeger 3-9x40 (X01i reticle )
         23027 X02i     Optical sight Jaeger 3-9x40 (X02i reticle)
         23027 T01i     Optical sight Jaeger 3-9x40 (T01i reticle)
         23027 M01i/M02i    Optical sight Jaeger 3-9x40 (M01i/M02i reticle)

    Reticle images are available in the “Reticles” section.


Pаckage contents

  1. Optical sight Yukon Jaeger 3-9x40
  2. Carrying case
  3. Cleaning cloth
  4. User manual
  5. Warranty card

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